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9781534968196 - The Headsman (Annotated) - Libro

The Headsman (Annotated) (?)

Entrega de: Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del norteLibro está en idioma inglésNuevo libro

9781534968196 (?) o 1534968199

, en inglés, Nuevo
On the quay in Geneva, impatient to set sail for Vévey before the fickle winds on Lake Leman lose their force, Baptiste, the greedy owner of the new but overloaded Winkelried, is thrice delayed. Mob action of the passengers, led by a leather-lunged Neapolitan street juggler, opposes the rumored embarkation of the abhorred Balthazar, holder of the hereditary post of headsman, or official executioner, of the canton of Berne. During this protest, a furious battle also occurs between two passengers' dogs - Uberto, a St. Bernard accompanying a cheerful Augustine monk, and Nettuno, a Newfoundland dog attached to a hardy Italian erstwhile seaman courageous enough to halt the fight. The passengers' anxiety concerning their safe passage is relieved by Baptiste's agreeing to submit all passengers to the scrutiny both of the Genevese port official and of a panel selected from among the passengers. The panel members selected have their own credentials cleared: Pippo, the Neapolitan rabble-rouser; an unnamed Westphalian student on literary pilgrimage to Rome; and the pompous, prosperous Bernese burgher Nicklaus Wagner, owner of much of the cargo aboard the Winkelried. Conrad, an openly hypocritical "pilgrim" en route to Rome, is passed and, unasked, assumes a fourth screening post. Maso, owner of the Newfoundland dog, claims his papers are already aboard ship and by sheer effrontery passes both the official and the panel; he and the faithful Nettuno board the vessel.
Datos de 07/05/2017 12:08h
ISBN (Notaciones alternativas): 1-5349-6819-9, 978-1-5349-6819-6
9781534968196 - James Fenimore Cooper: The Headsman (Annotated): The Abbaye des Vignerons - Libro

James Fenimore Cooper (?):

The Headsman (Annotated): The Abbaye des Vignerons (?)

Entrega de: Estados Unidos de AméricaLibro está en idioma inglésEste es un libro de bolsilloNuevo libro

9781534968196 (?) o 1534968199

, en inglés, CreateSpace Publishing, Libro en rústica, Nuevo
$ 226 (US$ 10,83)¹(envío gratuito, sin obligación de)
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The-Headsman-The-Abbaye-des-Vignerons~~James-Fenimore-Cooper, The Headsman (Annotated): The Abbaye des Vignerons, Paperback
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Número de pedido del vendedor: 9781534968196
Número de orden de plataforma BarnesAndNoble.com: bn-9781534968196
Categoría: Literature>Literature>Literature
Datos de 07/05/2017 12:08h
ISBN (Notaciones alternativas): 1-5349-6819-9, 978-1-5349-6819-6


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